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Horse Descriptions

Tour Descriptions

Casa de los Portugal Tour

Tour Begins in Jiquilillo at Casa de Los Portugales VRBO, Rancho Esperanza, Monty’s Beach Lodge or Rancho Tranquilo.  Accommodations are available at any of these places, talk to a receptionist.

Estuary Tour

This tour is approximately 4 hours long. It goes along the beach for about an hour before reaching Padre Ramos estuary. Snacks and Beverages are available at estuary.  Padre ramos is ideal for swimming and photography, motor boat rides are also available. There are nearby restaurants that serve fried fish; or enjoy the vegetarian menu at Rancho Tranquilo in Jiquilillo. Tour includes guide/horseman.

Beach Tour (long)

This version of the tour goes down past Jiquilillo, 10 kilometers on a private beach to beautiful vistas from the french restaurant Al Cielo. Then you ride home or take a taxi.

Aposentillo Tours

Tours begin in Aposentillo or Aserradores at Sarita’s Oasis, Rise up Surf, Coco Loco, Surf with Amigas, Thunder Bomb Surf Camp or Joe’s Place.  Accommodations are available at any of these places, talk to a receptionist.

These tours include a ride along the beach past Hotel Chancletas and Playa Aposentillo.

The short tour is approximately an hour and half long. The long tour goes to Chancletas, Aserradores, Santa María, Manzano, and has dining options. The ride back has several path options to choose from.

Custom Tours

Possible places to go: Aserradores, Santa María, Punta Aposentillo, Manzano, Coco Loco Beach, Al Cielo Restaurant.  Customize your tour time and ask for any other features you would like to include.

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