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Casa de los Portugales see reviews on TripAdvisor

If your idea of a great vacation is to travel half way around the world to find another Starbuck's, then this is not for you. If, on the other hand, you long to be at the edge of an authentic Nicaraguan fishing village, surf incredible waves by yourself or walk along a beach that Moon Handbook's Travel Guide describes as "relatively deserted, undeveloped and absolutely beautiful. This is a beach like no other.", then this is for you.

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Additional Services

  • Airport pick up and transportation

  • Surfboard rentals and instruction

  • On site cook

  • Surfing and fishing boat charters

  • Hourse rides

  • Estuary tours 

  • For other services please inquire

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Airbnb: Randy's and Sandra's Beach House in Aposentillo

TripAdvisor: Casa de los Portugales

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Nicaragua Cell Phone:  011-505-8-678-8798

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